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About "Gamer Math"

Math can be applied everywhere in video games, whether its calculating percentages of health points, long division for buying items, linear equations to represent experience points, statistics to analyze match success rate, or geometry to determine building materials for your Fortnite or Minecraft structures.

New episodes of Gamer Math are being uploaded to YouTube weekly. The goal is to tackle the entire primary and secondary math curriculum, one topic at a time. 

About Julian Stamboulieh

I'm an actor, filmmaker, a teacher with a decade of experience working 1-on-1 with students. My passion for tutoring is the same as the passion I have when teaching filmmaking to artists: finding ways to simplify technical skills for those with a creative mind. Consistently, the best first step has been to relate the content to a hobby someone already loves and understands. More often than not, that tended to be gaming.

Combining my love for geekdom with my filmmaking experience and on-screen presence, I aim to bring an entertaining approach to math education, and hopefully help provide your kids with the tools to succeed in a time when sudden at-home learning has drastically affected focus, motivation and understanding.

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